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" Meraki Nomad is a plant spirit artisan apothecary offering botanical infused medicines for ritual, healing, and beauty. Each offering is handmade by Adrienne using ancient practices and alchemized in an intimate ceremonial communion with the plants as they guide + weave their wisdom through each medicine. Adrienne simply serves as a bridge to share the nourishment + magic of the plants with others.

All of the plants + oils + tools + packaging are organic and carefully sourced directly from farms + suppliers within the US with sustainability, respect, and quality in heart + mind.

May my plant alchemy serve as allies of support in connecting you with the rhythms of nature within yourself. Nature that you are, for you are one. May they support you on your journey of self healing + care, joy + pleasure, connection + remembrance.

From my hands + heart, to yours. "

Meraki Nomad

My love for the earth runs deep. My path with the plants has been, and continues to be, the most beautifully transformational, awakening, supporting, loving, and powerful connection I’ve ever witnessed. This is magic, this is meaning and purpose for me. I believe that if we one can come into right relationship, a reciprocal relationship, with Mother Earth, that is where true healing, belonging, inner knowing, love, and compassion lies. For all things within + without. May our hearts be open to remembering the ways of the Earth and the abundant gifts, teachings, and love that she has for us in many forms.”

Adrienne is a daughter of the plants and messenger of the Earth. With a butterfly spirit, she moves nomadically about; living on the road, learning, sharing, & growing with the ways of the land. She grew up in a small river town in Florida where she was raised by the sun, trucked barefoot in the mud collecting treasures at low tide, and journeyed through the woods talking with the Pine Trees. Adrienne is trained in the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing, Sacred Plant Medicine, Holistic Healing, & Traditional Herbalism. She creates each of her offerings through meditations with the plants & from personal healing experiences with them, which she then humbly shares with community. Adrienne teaches Earth Medicine workshops + holds ceremonies with the intention to help others deepen their connection with themselves + with the Earth through the wisdom + magic of the plants."

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