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A B O U T  U S

As a human species, we have gathered enough information to realise we don't need to compromise the health of our minds, bodies and Earth in order to achieve the results we desire in terms of beauty and style. That actually, when we work in collaboration and reverence for the Earth we open up to so much more magic! That with nature we have everything we need in abundance when we respect, learn about and work with her needs and cycles. Especially now more than ever, we are looking at the threads that connects mind, body, soul & Earth and how our disconnection to the natural world has impacted us on various layers - Papillon Earth is a place to reconnect those dots and we intend to uplift this vision.

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Birthed in 2020, during a time when most have been questioning what health really means, we saw a need to bring true and conscious beauty & lifestyle brands to the UK, Europe and Middle East to showcase and support premium quality eco brands and an ethical future. Between the team of Papillon Earth we are connected to many incredible hearts and minds around the world that have created their unique beauty and lifestyle businesses based on natural and cruelty free systems. Its a honour to work with each and every single one and support their incredible crafts!


Whether its to scent your home, to nourish the skin, to style the body or paint ones nails, we are highly passionate about bringing and bridging the best that is out there under our roof - Papillon Earth.

Papillon = butterfly in French 

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