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" Burn Wild is a small reality that I proudly created all by myself. Everything that goes into the process, from the creation of the product, selection of suppliers, testing, shipping, you name it.. it all comes from my hands, head and heart. Of course with a little help from a tiny specialised team!

As with some of the most beautiful things in life, Burn Wild came to life during a ‘notsoeasy’ time of my life, where I found myself completely lost and I was struggling to find my path and purpose in life. 

What makes Burn Wild special?

I pride myself on using the best pure essential oils I could find in the English market, together with creating a product that allows me to have the least possible waste. That’s why I have decided to keep the packaging to the minimum, so that you don’t receive unnecessary bags, boxes, stickers, ribbons that will be completely forgotten the moment after you light your candles..because that’s where I want you to focus your attention.

Every candles is made of 100% natural soy wax (which is vegan + cruelty free), and 100% pure essential oils. I then use a wick made from pure long strand ring spun cotton and paper."

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B U R N  W I L D


" The reason why I create aromatherapy candles is for you to feel the benefits and magic power of the essential oils, in fact, essential oils are well known for their therapeutic applications and uses.

If you don’t know yet, aromatherapy is the use of organic essences of aromatic plants for healing and the maintenance of vitality.

Essential oils are extracted from a wide variety of plants, and are very concentrated. Each oil has its own unique healing properties and fragrance, and these oils in their natural state have been found to posses a powerful ‘synergy'. The therapeutic quality of the unadulterated natural oil is more effective than a synthetic, partially reconstituted equivalent.

A proper use of the oils helps promote a more balanced lifestyle, it is well known that a balanced state of mind promotes vitality and better ability to cope with potentially difficult events that we face in our everyday life.

That is the reason why at Burn Wild I decided not to use nasty chemical fragrances, additives and paraffin that once they burn and you inhale them are harmful for your health.

I want to be sure you can create a safe environment in the comfort of your own home.

Why don't you take a moment to create a self care routine that values yourself and makes you feel good today? "

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