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"Our products encourage you to tune in and reconnect with your body through the power of ritual.

Mother Nature has multiple remedies against outside influences like stress, diseases and other health problems. Our blends make it possible to naturally adapt to the busy lifestyles that we are exposed to nowadays by listening and nourishing our bodies with the healing power of plants.

Even small rituals can have significant effect on our wellbeing and our blends can be integrated into daily rituals or become one in itself. "

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N A T U R E ' S  A N T I D O T E

" Nature’s Antidote was founded in 2018 by Lili Büchner in order to make ancient remedies easily integrateable into daily routines and enhance people’s life through the power of plants.
In 2014, Lili had the chance to spend one month in the Brazilian Amazon forest with the indigenous tribe of the Kayapo. Their way of living in harmony with nature while relying on century old traditions in working, eating and healing amazed and inspired her to translate it into her Western urban life. Since then, she studied the healing effects of plants and their impact on the human body. While not every symptom that she saw being treated in the Amazon are relevant to our urban life’s, researching about specific plants that can help fight fatigue, low immune system, stress and overly exposure to pollution made her come across tonic herbs.

As a meditation teacher she realised the power that ritual and ceremony can have on the human body, especially when fighting stress and deepening ones connection to the divine. Nature’s Antidote was birthed to combine healing herbs with the power of intention and ritual, so that people can take a moment out of their day to focus on their wellbeing and thus slow down automatically.

Nature’s Antidote is inspired by traditional rituals and medicine practices such as TCM, Ayurveda and the balanced lifestyle of the indigenous communities. "

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