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"Absolution offers a range of certified-organic products for the face and body that combine the best of nature with creativity and formulation expertise.

Every day, these unisex, non-toxic, antioxidant formulas can be adapted to your skin's changing moods, offering a simple, effective and caring way to help look after your skin, your health and the planet.

The Absolution range is designed to restore, maintain and protect the skin’s natural ecosystem, to help keep it in optimum condition. Our formulas work to rebalance stressed skin and provide the most effective nutrients and antioxidants to slow the effects of time. Working in bio-affinity with the skin, they deliver visible results from the very first applications. Absolution products work to erase the dirt and grime of our urban lifestyles. They let you rediscover your skin’s original beauty by helping to restore its natural ecosystem and bring it back to its optimum condition.

Developed from certified-organic or wild plant extracts, minerals and vitamins, Absolution’s formulas combine delicate textures with subtle scents, ease of use and pure performance.

Chemicals may try to imitate nature, but never quite succeed… That’s why Absolution has always focused on natural ingredients, to offer even better results than conventional products while respecting your skin, your health and the planet.

We want to give you a precious gift: the best of nature, skillfully and generously crafted, like the finest ingredients prepared by the finest chef…"




"Organic, beautiful products & a committed brand

Absolution is a responsible, committed brand. Our products are certified organic by Ecocert, our packaging is eco-designed (recycled and/or recyclable; vegetable inks), we carefully select our suppliers, and we take a sustainable development approach, in order to minimize the impact of production on the environment. The bold, arty design of our products shows that organic and beautiful go perfectly together. 

Capturing the power of nature

Nature's generosity is endless, just like our curiosity. And that’s the secret behind the originality and effectiveness of our products… We take such pleasure in combining the power of medicinal plants with our zest for clever, creative formulas. At Absolution, there is no room for compromise. Textures are exquisitely fine. Scents are delicate, unisex and addictive. Nothing is left to chance. Everything must be perfect. 

The creator of Absolution, Isabelle Carron

"There are times in life when you get the opportunity to do something that matters. Something that makes you happy and proud, embodies your values and improves your life – and that of others. That’s what Absolution is for me. It’s my contribution to social change, a way of producing and consuming differently: less but better."

Our mission

The objective of Absolution is both simple and wonderfully complex: to Regain Beauty! It’s about rediscovering beauty in the world around us, deep within us, and even in your reflection in the morning. Beauty is everywhere: it's in the flower placed in a vase on your mantelpiece, in the morning light that flickers on the surface of your tea, in the hand placed gently on your shoulder and, of course, in the texture of your skin – that intimate interface between you and the world. And so we set ourselves a mission: to help you rebuild your skin when it's damaged, enhance your skin when it loses its glow, or simply to let you look at the world – and your beauty – with new eyes.



Our commitment

"Do what you say and say what you do." It may sound easy, but few brands set themselves such constraints. We do everything to keep the promises we make. The products we create are formulated to do more than just satisfy you; we want them to amaze you! Creating a brand is a huge responsibility. There are already so many out there! And if you're going to create what already exists, that's just copying. Our products are unique, just like our identity. And yet we think in the same way as many of you. We want to make products without damaging our ecosystem, to protect the living world, and to seize the day, every day. So we're doing our bit, one step at a time. Our products contain over 99% naturally derived ingredients and over 50% certified-organic ingredients. We use airless packaging to protect the formulas and avoid using preservatives. Our packaging is made with recycled paper and printed with vegetable inks. Nearly all our products are made in France. We're not perfect, but we're getting better every year.


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