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" Come into union, Love.

High Sun Low Moon

An ode to the heart, the sacred and the sensual

Handmade with reverence for the body and the soul

Consciously harvested plant material of the highest quality

Carefully crafted in small batches

Unifying the raw and the vibrant into wonderfully simple offerings

For You.

High Sun Low Moon was birthed during my literal pregnancy. Dismayed by skin and hair products with questionably long shelf-lives and suspicious ingredient lists, I chose to create my own, for the safety of my baby and myself. Inspired by the practices of great healers, goddesses and Egyptian queens, the process of becoming intimate with the plants, harmonizing them and nourishing my body with the compounds became a most loving ritual to myself. A ritual I believe vital to share with All.

When vibrant plants and raw organic materials are lovingly married by hand, Alchemy happens. We transcend daily rituals into grand acts of Love, honoring Ourselves and Our Mother Earth." 

H I G H  S U N 

L O W  M O O N

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