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"Born into a family of creatives, free-spirit Sarah Beard has always seen jewellery as wearable art. After a trip of discovery to India, Sarah became increasingly fascinated by the extraordinary role jewellery plays in eastern cultures. She founded Eastern Soul in 2013 to tell the stories behind the works of art she has scoured the globe to collect. 

Eastern Soul takes you beyond the intricately detailed, hand sculpted silver and beautiful natural gemstone covered pieces Sarah has carefully handpicked. She has brought life to ancient artefacts and remodelled antique textiles into contemporary designs. She tells the story of their creation – from the hands that cast them to the cultural significance of their symbolism."


E A S T E R N   S O U L


" Ethical Statement


At Eastern Soul, we endeavour to nurture ancient crafts while creating a sustainable business to support the incredible artisans of India and Nepal, we hope that these phenomenal customs will continue to be passed through generations.



Each and every piece of jewellery is handcrafted; we do not mass-produce any of the designs. Each piece of jewellery is hand selected, partnering with small family business to ensure the utmost ethical standards are kept while obtaining the highest possible quality.

 We also curate and collect vintage and antique tribal jewellery. Laced with ceremonial markings, these pieces embody their ancient path and are truly one of a kind. While we can’t guarantee the ethical conditions under their manufacture, we can confirm a high level of authenticity. "

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