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Schmoap Lavender Soap

Schmoap Lavender Soap

We made this soap using cold process method, using natural and vegan ingredients: saponified oils of olive, coconut and castor and scent them with lavender essential oil.


Lavender soap contains natural French lavender essential oil that is very kind and gentle to the skin. It is calming and relaxing to your body and mind while also boosting your mood.


Lavender soap cleanses and purifies your skin with its antibacterial and anti-microbial compounds as well as detoxifies skin from daily environmental toxins leaving your skin happy clean. It is known for nourishing and hydrating qualities that make the strong cleansing action so gentle.


Soap is rich in olive oil that hydrates and moisturises skin. Coconut oil adds strong cleansing properties. Castor oil adds dense, and creamy lather.


All soaps are handmade in small batches and can vary a little in size and colour from bar to bar and batch to batch. All soaps are cut to minimum of 100g (3.5oz).


Keep soap in dry and cool place. Once opened, keep soap in well draining dish and let it dry inbetween usage to last longer.


External use only, discontinue use if irritation occurs. In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with cool water.

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