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Luminous Starseed Face Oil | Nature's Antidote

Luminous Starseed Face Oil | Nature's Antidote

High vibrational daily face oil infused with Rose Quartz.

Vegan, 100% natural – and a loving ritual to integrate into your beauty routine.


Luminous Starseed contains a range of natural high vibrational ingredients that nourish, sooth and hydrate the skin.

It consists of Jojoba and Rosehip oil that both moisturise the skin, fight inflammation and ageing processes.

The oil blend is infused with full moon-charged Rose Quartz pieces that can support the skin in reducing stress and anxiety with their electromagnetic energies.

In general, crystals hold their frequencies and can therefore emit energy fields. Since everything has a vibration and they all resonate at different speeds, the human body can pick up on these as well, which explains the healing effects that certain energy sources – such as crystals – can have.

Rose Quartz in particular is known for its ability to emit vibrations of love, harmony and peace.

The soothing and nourishing effects of both oils in combination with the loving vibrations of Rose Quartz can have a powerful effect on the skin and aid in the release of tensions that are a byproduct of stress and urban conditions.

The oil is refined with high-quality Francincense and Bergamot essential oils which create a divine smell and release their powerful molecules into the skin. Bergamot essential oil is said to release anxiety, unclog pores and balance oily skin. Francincense can be effective against acne, wrinkles and scars and furthermore aid in spiritual development.

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil* , Rosehip Oil*, Bergamot Essential Oil*, Francincense Essential Oil*, Rose Quartz pieces

* organic


Suitable for Vegans.

Store in a cool dry place.

Lovingly handmade in London


Suggested Use:
Apply to damp face or after or before moisturising by adding a dropper full of oil to your hands and softly smoothing it onto your face.


(Gently apply onto damp skin after adding a dropper full of oil into your hands)

Please mind: Like any other cosmetic product it is recommended to perform a patch test prior to first use to make sure you are not allergic.


Benefits include:

  • Jojoba oil is rich in Vitamin A, E and B6 which slows ageing processes through richness in antioxidants, moisturises the skin, controls sebum production and promotes collagen synthesis
  • Rosehip Oil firms, hydrates and exfoliates the skin, fades scars and reduces inflammation
  • Rose Quartz emits electromagnetic energies which can help in balancing and energising the skin.
  • High-Quality Bergamot and Francinsence essential oils release their molecules into the skin that release anxiety, unclog pores, reduce wrinkles and calm the mind.


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