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Orgaid Self Care Set

Orgaid Self Care Set

The value of this set is £136

For this Christmas sepcial we are selling this bundle at £99


This truly is Christmas shopping made easy - the gift of a home spa!

The ultimate self care set and an amazing deal on the full Orgaid product range.


It includes:


- Youth Serum | Hyaluronic & Vitamin C

For Hydrated Glowing Skin use our 2-in-1, Youth Serum with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin-C to help fight free radicals while keeping your skin moisturized.


- Face Oil | Amaranth Squalene

For Extra Hydration use our Organic Face Oil as your last skincare step to lock in all moisture into your skin. It also makes your skin smoother!


- Purifying face polish | Honey crystal & brown rice

For Smoother Skin use our Purifying Face Polish to prep your skin for other products. It allows the beneficial nutrition of your products to fully penetrate the skin for better results.


Face sheet mask MULTI-PACK | Box of 4

-Anti-Aging & Moisturizing (4)- Hydrates, plumps, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles






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