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Meraki Nomad Snake Skin Scrub

Meraki Nomad Snake Skin Scrub

A medicinal, botanical infused body scrub to serve as your ally during times of letting go, change, & transformation. To physically + energetically shed old layers of yourself that no longer serve you, just as snakes do. Allow these plants to activate the body, clear + cleanse, move stagnation, heal wounds, relax tension, regenerate your inner + outer layers, & guide you back to yourself + your purpose.



handmade in ceremony.




Angelica*, Cacao*, Kava Kava*, Ginger*, White Sage* (farm grown), Comfrey*, Calendula*, Nettle*, Sea Clay, Wild Pacific Sea Salt, Olive Oil*~+, Sunflower Oil*, Vitamin E Oil*.

*Organic / ~Cold Pressed / +Unrefined


Angelica ✺ In my first mediation with Angelica, they came to me as a fiery serpent and told me to work with them topically through deep times of transformation and change. Angelica is a powerful activator that centers you in your root, allowing you to feel embodied and strong as you navigate shedding old layers of yourself and rebirth anew. Angelica activates and gets circulation flowing, which allows stagnation in the body, skin, & energetic field to move and clear. Angelica stimulates dull + problematic skin to transform into glowing + lively skin.


Ginger ✺ Fiery ginger who burns blockages and clears our path so we may move forward with clear intentions without carrying around old baggage that isn’t serving our true purpose. Ginger is strong activator that, like Angelica, encourages circulation + blood flow as it evens skin tone, improves elasticity, and tends with antioxidents.


White Sage ✺ White Sage serves to clear and purify the body + auric field while calming the soul and bringing a sense of connection to spirit and to oneself. It’s anti-bacterial + anti-septic properties deeply clear and cleanse the skin.


Cacao ✺ Beloved Cacao, an ally I hold so close to my heart. She has served as such a guiding force for me on my path and held space for transformation. May her spirit guide you back into your heart and connection you to your purpose. Topically, she activates and brings blood to the surface to nourish and feed the skin - this activation and exfoliation repairs damage, brightens dull skin, and tones.


Kava Kava ✺ Kava is a special ally that calms the mind, body, and spirit. An ally for deep relaxation. Kava relieves tension & soothes aching muscles + pain in the body allowing you to settle into receiving and feel comfortable in your vessel.


Calendula  ✺ A vibrant sun child Calendula, who encourages you to shine your light bright, proud, and unapologetically. She brings the healing energy of the sun that tends to wounds + scars, stimulates collagen production, and evens out the skin to be smooth and glow with radiance. Calendula is a nourishing astringent that keeps in moisture to the skin, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, & anti-bacterial.


Comfrey  ✺ An ally for regeneration and healing that mends parts of us that are broken and helps us to grow new roots. Comfrey stimulates tissue regeneration, heals wounds, treats scars, promotes new skin cell growth, and helps maintain healthy skin. Comfrey clears old, dry, flaky skin and brings new life to your outer layers.


Nettle  ✺  Grandmother Nettle, the Queen of Mother Earth medicine & nourishment. She brings her vitamins and minerals that penetrate deep into the skin to nourish, soothe the skin, ease stiffness in the body, relieve skin irritations, moisturize, and restore. Nettles helps connect you back to yourself & establishes + reinforces your energetic boundaries.


Sea Clay ✺ Serves to extract excess oils and impurities from the skin and energetic field. Clears blemishes and blockages as it tones and refreshes the skin into anew.


Sea Salt ✺ Mother Oceans healing gift of pure salt from the sea. May the salt bring the healing + cleansing + renewing spirit of Mother Ocean and it regenerates through deep exfoliation, absorbing of toxins, unclogging of pores, and evening out the skin.


Snake Skin came to me in a dream, a sweet whisper from the plants, and as I woke I knew everything this medicine would be. All of the allies in Snake Skin were chosen from meditations with the plants and personal experiences in receiving deep transformation from them.



An invitation for ritual

Create sacred space in your shower or outside with earth + water. Wet your body & cover yourself in Snake Skin. Close your eyes & take a few deep breaths, feel the plants infusing into you. When you are ready, state out loud all you wish to shed, release, & transform. Gently scrub it all away + lovingly rinse. And it is done. Feel your new vessel, light + beaming with life. Thank the plants for their medicine.


test on a small patch of skin before use.

Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. 

Avoid allowing large amounts of water inside jar.

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