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Xmas Candle Bundle by Burn Wild

Xmas Candle Bundle by Burn Wild

A delicate, yet perfectly balanced Christmas Candle Trio of votive candles scented with essential oils - this box is the perfect festive gift for your loved ones whilst also being a warm & cozy way to decorate your home over the Christmas period.


The three scents will have you reminiscing the old good times and are as follows:


First Snow - This is a mix of peppermint and frankincense. Try to imagine the smell of the fresh snow covering the naked winter branches and wet grass. Refreshing and uplifting thanks to the peppermint, yet grounding and earthy thanks to the frankincense.


By The Fire - The sweet aroma of bergamot together with the soothing and relaxing benefits coming from the cypress will make you feel as if you were experiencing of a cozy fire in the woods, but in your own home.


Xmas Tree - Is it even Christmas without a Christmas Tree? Pine needle essential oil is a perfect air freshener, it clears smells and ease breathing. I paired it with lavender essential oil to balance out the scent and give it a little sweet twist. 

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